Technology has always served humans to try to improve their experience or at least support it. In a world that increasingly pursues the propensity for a correct lifestyle to limit damage to one’s health and that of others, even smoking has found an epochal turning point due to its now known harmful consequences. The electronic cigarette was born as a device-vehicle to counter the rampant habit of combustion smoke , with the aim of facilitating smokers in a decidedly effective choice in order to limit or completely eliminate addiction to smoking.

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What is the electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette (e-cigarette, e-cig or personal vaporizer) is an electronic device that imitates the sensations and gestures of the traditional cigarette or processed tobaccos (cigar or pipe). The main difference with the traditional cigarette is that combustion does not occur in the electronic one , which is the main cause of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases . In the combustion 4800 chemicals are released, 70 of which are carcinogenic !

The electronic cigarette, on the other hand, vaporizes a liquid based on propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol, flavors and nicotine, producing fewer residues. Many smokers in recent years have abandoned the combustion cigarette choosing the electronic one, to quit smoking or to reduce the onset of health problems and related diseases. A term has also been coined to define the act ‘use of e-cig:  vape .

Another advantage of the electronic cigarette is that the vaporizer can decide the aroma of the vapor and the amount of nicotine to be taken .

A brief history of the electronic cigarette

The invention of the electronic cigarette is attributed to the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik .
Hon Lik patented his invention in 2003 and it was an instant success. Already in 2004 it began to spread around the world and to have a large commercial following  and as an alternative to traditional smoking .

Not everyone knows that in 1965 in the United States the idea of ​​a smokeless cigarette, powered by a battery, which could reduce the damage caused by smoking and induce consumers to abandon classic tobacco, came to Herbert A. Gilbert who patented it.

Perhaps the times were not yet ripe for this extraordinary invention, so much so that the prototype was not followed up.

What is certain is that both e-cig “fathers” were heavy smokers and that their aim was to find ways to quit smoking and help millions more people to quit smoking tobacco.

How does the electronic cigarette work?

The principle of operation is very simple .
At the base of the device is a battery that supplies energy that heats a metal element called a resistance (coil, head or pod).

The upper part of the electronic cigarette consists of the atomizer:  a tank,  inside which the resistance is contained, which uses a cotton core to absorb the liquid . The cotton, heating up through the resistance, vaporizes the liquid that can be sucked through the mouthpiece (drip tip).

The steam generated by the suction mixes with the air that is “drawn” from the base of the tank (in some models also from above) and inhaled.

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